If you are from the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Lower Hunter Valley and need assistance with Musculo-skeletal Rehabilitation, Pilates, core stability or fitness, then ProActive Rehabilitation & Health is at your service – focusing on a wide range of health and fitness needs.

If you have had an injury or accident at work, ProActive Rehabilitation & Health can ensure you a speedy recovery under consultation from your doctor with their qualified Exercise Physiologists. We specialise in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries through the use of exercises that are tailored to the clients needs and levels. We offer a variety of programs with the use of a multitude of equipment including machine and free weights, Pilates machines, GARUDA machine, foam rollers, medi-ball and Free-form Boards.

Work Related Activity Programs are provided by ProActive Rehabilitation & Health to rehabilitate clients who have sustained injuries in the workplace, or as a result of motor vehicle accidents (MVA). The programs are fully supervised by an accredited Exercise Physiologist and can be delivered at a our specialised studio in Adamstown, or for clients out of the area we have the capacity to travel. The program is focussed on the re-education of movement to provide long term sustainable change and ensure that a client can make a full return to the workforce, either in their selected duties or to provide assistance with retraining for an alternative occupation.


Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans are Medicare incentive  based programs that are designed to provide exercise and rehabilitation advise for clients with Chronic Conditions. These include diabetes, obesity, musculo-skeletal injuries (including lumbar and cervical spine injuries as well as chronic conditions of the knees and shoulders), heart disease, high blood pressure and arthritis. These services can also assist clients with dementia, depression and stroke victims.

Private Health Insurance and Private Patients are welcome to attend without a referral. If you have a musculoskeletal injury that you are having difficulties managing then our Exercise Physiologists have the skill and knowledge to teach you how to manage your injury successfully for the long term. Exercise Physiologists are covered under all major Health Funds which will provide you with the necessary rebates.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – Programs are  developed for clients with disabilities through the NDIS and can be fully funded to aid with the financial costs associated with meeting your rehabilitation goals. Programs are designed utilising specialised equipment to increase function through ways that are not achieved via conventional treatment methods. ProActive Rehabilitation and Health’s Exercise Physiologists have achieved  functional gains through clients with Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Acquired Brain Injuries, Amputations, Gillian Barre Syndrome, and Para-plegia.


The GARUDA Method is new to Australia and ProActive Rehab and Lifestyle Pilates have the only GARDUA bed in NSW. The GARUDA Method is the next level of movement that integrates Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Dance in the one flowing movement on a purpose built apparatus. Clients have the opportunity to experience a form of exercise that is at the cutting edge of movement. Garuda can benefit Elite Athletes to clients requiring rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injuries.


Diabetes Program has been developed to assist clients that have Type II Diabetes. This is a group class that provides supervised Exercise Physiology services in a group setting. The group ranges from 8 – 12 participants and they complete a combination of cardiovascular and strength based training for the optimal results in the management of their Diabetes. Classes are fun and beneficial with the group always enjoying afternoon tea together after the session. If you are looking for a fun, social and beneficial form of training then this will meet your needs.

Government Accredited Pilates Courses ProActive Rehabilitation & Health in conjunction with Lifestyle Pilates and Rehabilitation Studio delivers a Certificate IV in Pilates and a Diploma of Contemporary Pilates to to provide you with the qualifications to become a Government Accredited Pilates Instructor. This course is accredited through Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and is worth 15 CPD’s for all Exercise Scientists and Accredited Exercise Physiologist.


If you need help with any of these services mentioned above, or are a doctor or rehabilitation provider who would like to refer a patient to our professional and friendly staff, please call the office on (02) 4957 2757 or Mark Goswell directly on 0411 447674 or use our Online Referral Form.


Exercise Physiologists are university trained and complete a minimum 4 years of training ensuring specialist treatment and extensive knowledge of the human body and delivery of programs for special populations and injury management.

An Exercise Physiologist is a qualified specialist in the management and treatment of chronic injuries. They also deliver preventative strategies for disease prevention, and the development of function (ability to move) as part of establishing and sustaining independence in life through the use of exercise and the development of management techniques.

The benefits of Exercise Physiology services is that you are educated on the most effective methods to manage your injury on a long term basis through exercise prescription specifically designed to the individual.

Programs can be designed to be completed around the home, office, gym, pool or any facility suited to the client’s location and financial situation.

ProActive Rehabilitation & Health provide all of these services at our Studio in Adamstown.  Workers Compensation and CTP services are provided at the following gymnasiums when travelling to Adamstown is not possible:

  • Genetics Fitness, Warners Bay
  • The Forum, Honeysuckle and Newcastle University
  • Caves Beach Fitness, Swansea
  • YMCA, Raymond Terrace
  • Total Fitness, Cessnock
  • Genesis Health Club, Maitland and Rutherford
  • Anytime Fitness in the following locations:
    • Gateshead
    • Belmont
    • Edgeworth
    • Toronto
    • Thornton
    • Morrisett
    • Kurri Kurri
    • Salamander Bay
    • Singleton

Why Choose ProActive Rehabilitation & Health?

Focus on Re-education of Movement – ProActive Rehabilitation & Health’s exercise physiologists train and educate clients on methods to re-educate their movement to allow for greater awareness and improved mobility. This improved awareness of their movement achieves a significant reduction in aggravation to an injured site allowing for greater increases in function and therefore potential for an increase in their ADL’s or a return to work.

Personalised Relationships and Programs – The supervised sessions are one on one so the exercise physiologist gains an excellent understanding of the clients capabilities, therefore you can be guaranteed that the exercise therapist can provide you with accurate information of the clients abilities in returning to work or upgrading their duties

Customer Service – The exercise physiologist that is assigned to your client is responsible for maintaining up to date information of the improvements and progress that your client is making. All exercise physiologists maintain an excellent working and caring relationship for the client to provide an opportunity for them to reach their maximum potential for recovery.

Self Management Programs – Programs promote the undertaking of independent and home based exercises as early as possible as a way of developing their self management techniques. Clients are provided with easy to follow exercise training sheet and training diaries to note their progress.

Capacity to Travel – for clients who live outside of the local area and do not have access to the facilities available, ProActive Rehabilitation & Health will travel to the client and establish a program at a facility close to them.