Golf Specific Training

Have you ever wondered why you slice the ball, why you can’t control that draw and why you don’t have the power you once had. All the golf lessons in the world wont increase your muscular strength or improve the mobility through your spine and shoulders that are the basis to a great consistent swing.

The purpose of Golf Specific training is to provide the link between what your golf professional is asking you to to do and  what your golf coach has asked you to do and what your body is capable of doing.

This Golf Specific Training program has been developed by an Exercise Physiologist, with a passion for golf, to develop exercises that will correct your swing and develop your body to execute these changes in the quickest time possible. The combining of swing correction, from your golf professional, and the training of the musculare components to make these changes possible provides you with the most effective and guaranteed method of improving your game.


This program has been devised to develop the weaknesses in your swing so that you will enjoy the game of golf so much more from hitting the ball sweeter, longer and with greater accuracy to assisting with any injuries or ailments. This comes from the development of your flexibility, stability and strength by individualising your program to rectify your imbalances and insufficiencies. When included with swing changes from your Club Professional this program will change the way you look at the game.



The Benefits of Golf Specific Training:

  • Golf swing development
  • Longer drives and mid iron play
  • Consistent ball striking and accuracy
  • Lower scores and handicap
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation of existing injuries
  • Improved endurance and muscular strength
  • More power and balance for greater shot quality
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion for an improved swing
  • Core stability development for improved power, balance, co-ordination and management of injuries.
  • Improved body awareness and posture for ensuring a perfect base and set up.


The Golf Specific Training Program commences with a swing analysis that focuses on the bodies movement through the swing, followed by  simple functional testing procedures to determine your bodies movement capabilities.

With the information provided a training program is devised that will address your muscular weakness and tightness that is impacting on your ability to improve your game. These exercises are developed utilising simple cost effective equipment and only requires 20 minutes per day to achieve the results you need.


The major benefit of the Golf Specific Training is  the program is developed around your physical capabilities and we develop your swing through a combination of swing correction and then developeing the bodies strengths and weaknesses to accommodate the swing changes making for faster and more sustainable improvements.

The cost of the Initial Assessment is $85 and follow up appointments are $70 and only take 30 minutes of your time. Each session is rebatable through major health funds and will provide you with the exercises necessary for achieving your golfing goals.