Workers Compensation Programs

Anyone who has been injured in the workplace or in a motor vehicle accident needs rehabilitation to facilitate a speedy yet safe return to the workforce. Work Related Activity Programs (WRAP) or Exercise Based Conditioning Programs use exercise-based rehabilitation to improve the functional abilities of a worker to return to pre-injury duties or achieve an upgrade in their existing duties.

To ensure that all criteria of WRAP’s or Exercise Based Conditioning Programs are met, ProActive Rehabilitation & Health conducts the following assessments on all clients:

Initial Needs Assessments
ProActive Rehabilitation & Health’s exercise physiologist conducts initial assessments. The client is lead through standardised functional tests to ascertain their capabilities of undertaking a Work Related Activity Program or Exercise Based Conditioning Program. It is understood that not all clients are suited to this form of program and this assessment aims to determine their suitability. At the completion of the assessment a full report on the findings and recommendations are issued to all appropriate parties.

What are the benefits of an Exercise Physiologist Assessment?

  • To determine the weaknesses and strengths of the client, and to establish their physical tolerances.
  • To gain an understanding of the functional capabilities of the client and how they relate to their work environment.
  • To provide a greater understanding of the requirements of the client’s occupation, which correlates into a more effective program.
  • To assess whether the client shows any red or yellow flags prior to the commencement of the program to aid in the implementation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles.

Work Related Activity Programs (WRAP)
The WRAP is conducted out of our Studio in Adamstown or for clients out of the local area at a number of locations around Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and the Lower Hunter. Each program follows the same principles and includes the following:

  • A full program consisting of 8 individually supervised Exercise Physiology sessions conducted over an 8 – 10 week period with a university qualified Exercise Physiologist.
  • If necessary a 3-month gym membership at a nominated facility but our philosophy is to establish home based exercise programs if this suits the clients needs.
  • A final program report that outlines the benefits of the program, and comments on the client’s attendance and motivation levels.
  • The program’s focus on manual handling skills, core stability training, and strength and flexibility development. The client is educated as to why they are doing the exercises so they can improve their knowledge and decrease the risk of re-injury, therefore decreasing time off work and costs to the employer.
  • The program is specifically designed around educating the client on basic training principles and focusing on developing their independent exercises to aid in continual functional improvements for the client.
  • The clients are encouraged to commence independent exercise as soon as possible in relation to their capabilities and level of improvement and understanding.

What are the Benefits of an Exercise Based Conditioning Program or WRAP?

Developing strength and stability increases functional capabilities therefore decreasing the chance of re-injury.

  • Clients are educated on effective self management and pacing techniques, effectively decreasing the time they have off work.
  • With the majority of injuries there is muscle deterioration, tightness, and a reduction in core stability. ProActive Rehabilitation & Health’s Exercise Programs focus on developing the strength of weak muscles through resistance training, increased flexibility via complete stretching programs, and improved core stability through Pilates based training.

Group Exercise Therapy Sessions
This program is available for clients who do not require intense individually supervised sessions but need guidance on correct exercise techniques, manual handling skills and/or core stability training. The length of the program is dependant on the clients needs. The program can accommodate up to 6 individuals at a time, which allows the therapist to spend time with each client to review their progress, and make alterations to the programs.

The Benefits

  • Group sessions provide increased motivation as clients can motivate one another and share experiences related to their improvements.
  • As clients are taught the benefits of their flexibility, stability and strength training, they can take the newly acquired knowledge into the workplace and pass it on to other colleges.
  • The program is more cost effective for the insurer/provider/employer as more then one client can be assisted in the session at a similar cost for one client. These are beneficial when several clients are experiencing similar injuries or conditions that have them out of the workforce.


All costs are determined by Workcover NSW and are inclusive of GST. The costs of these sessions are for the provision of one hour consultations and ensure that the exercise physiologist is with the client for the allotted time.

An initial consultation and treatment is $158.95 (GST inclusive)
Standard consultation and treatments are $158.95 (GST inclusive)

ProActive Rehabilitation & Health is based at Adamstown. If a client requires treatment outside of the Adamstown area the cost to the insurer is $0.83 per Km (GST inclusive) which is the current Workcover NSW gazetted rate. These distances can be calculated through basing the point of travel from Lot H/132 Garden Grove Pde, Adamstown to the destination.